Oh, Hi!

Yeah, it’s been awhile, huh?
A lot of things in our life changed – and quite rapidly.
First, I sold the trailer for tuition. I know, I know… I cried to see it go, but it served its purpose for our family for a long time, we had great memories, and I made a great profit off of it, which facilitated our other big changes… graduation, and moving home to Washington!!
We loved our time in Utah, but Washington is home – and it was time. We now live in a beautiful home a block from the beach, I work full time at my dream job, and so does hubby! We run a small parrot rescue, the kids are growing way way too fast… Life’s good, but something was missing…

Brians’ face, when I suggested it, was classic. Seriously, lady? Again? But in typical Brian fashion, he relented to my adorable pleading.


Without further ado, I present… THE MURDERBEGO! Seriously. That’s its’ nickname. For now, anyways. This poor thing has seen some things. This trailer is 40 years old, but this is not “40 is the new 20”, this is “40 is the new meth-house with mold”. The 1977 22′ murderbego! And I got it for $100! SCORE!

Never mind that she’s a little rough around the edges, all she needs is a complete and total overhaul! EASY! (not really that easy) Someone attempted some “fixes” back in the 90’s… but lets just say they were less than successful.

Step one: acquire amazing eyewear, gloves, and facemasks
Step two: tear shit up.
Step three: build shit back up
Step four: ADVENTURE!

So, once again here I am to document the process. We are not your typical trailer renovation experts. We’re not experts at all. We have experts in our family, we have google, and we have youtube… does that count? More than anything, we have complete flexibility and control. We can make the trailer exactly what we need it to be, and ditch all of the features we don’t and wont use.

I will have so so so much more to share later, but in the meantime, hello again, and wish me luck!


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