*Shameface* and Road Trip Food


A little update: we raised $914 for the TEARS foundation at our Rummage sale. We have raised $750 in advertising dollars, as 50% of advertising sales from Amer Sports, Grounds For Coffee, and Tona Sushi went to the cause. Coming up after the rummage we have the benefit concert, on May 25th- admission is 7 dollars and we have AMAZING bands lined up to play, amazing raffle prizes, and we will have the most fun ever- you really must come if you are in Northern Utah.

So, back to the trailer. It is so so close to done. Brian is hooking up the sink tomorrow, and we are putting up a bunk above the bed to hold blankets and sleeping bags. Below the bed I’m storing my 10×10 pop up tent (for craft shows), two 6′ tables, our portable grill and propane stove, folding chairs, a large tarp, an emergency road kit, a spare tire and jack, fire extinguisher and by the time we leave likely much more.

Under the benches nothing is stored yet, I’m thinking they will be a nice place to store clothing, shoes, and so on. There will also be more room to store food in the cabinet above the benches, and the cabinet to the side of the bed will soon have shelves or hooks for hanging our clothing in as well, and a door.

Now just a little post on road trip food.Thing is, we do not have a lot of cash to spare, nor do we want to feel sick or have the kids feel sick eating nothing but fast food the whole way.

So whats the plan? Prep Package and Placate!

Children are visual. My kids could be handed a plastic baggie of skittles and be excited, but hand them their own bag and they are THRILLED. Home-made granola bars are so much less cool than granola bars in fancy wrapping. We’re going to individually package and contain small packs of treats, to give to the kids like gifts. Its so so easy to do and really fun as well. Here are some examples:
Cute as a Button Display, via Bakerella http://www.flickr.com/photos/bakerella/4319920050/
Made with love bag toppers, via Stay-at-Home Artist: http://www.stayathomeartist.com/2011/01/made-with-love-baggie-tags-printable.html
Arent those cute? My kids will respond to those with absolute joy- and it will save us from buying them a treat at every single stop. We will package small portions of candies, granola bars, rice crispy treats, sunflower seeds, crackers, and so on. I also plan on making custom wrappers for water bottles, to make them a touch more special for the kids.

If the children insist (and we’re too tired to resist) we can give them change to get treats and toys from little .25c vending machines, they get a treat and we are happy to not overspend at each stop! Being prepared with snacks, food, drinks, and small toys will avoid the over-spending that can happen on a road trip.

I will update tomorrow with pictures, we’re just doing finishing touches now- but I’ll leave you with these, from our mini road trip to the Holi festival last month. 

A little pic in the IKEA parking lot before we headed south

Mikaela, keeping hydrated!


2 thoughts on “*Shameface* and Road Trip Food

  1. cattus says:

    Hi Silver! Long time no see!

    An old thread on CBR came up and I noticed your blog link is still on your post profile, so I came over to see how you and the little trailer are doing. 😀

    It looks great! The inside is wonderful. It’s so open and cheery. And the outside is pretty cool too, the yellow and turquoisey blue really pop. It’s got to be so much fun to use it after all that hard work. (explains why y’all look so happy) Love the pics and all the info here.

    Good to see you again!

    • Hi Cattus!! I need to post new pictures, its looking insanely cool now- Its “done” aside from my crazy need to always be updating something! Hope all is well, life has been so happily busy and crazy that I havent stopped to update in a long time! ❤ Miss you and CBR, I need to make some time to pop on!

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