Well… darn

So, my laptop took a bit of a… to put it lightly… nosedive… and I lost alot of photos, but here are some updates:

#1. The maps have gone up the wall and around the ceiling, they end above the bed where a storage bunk will be added.

#2. The closet has been built over the wheel well, for shelving and hanging shirts.

(pic was lost with laptop crash… more coming soon….)

#3. The cushions are re-covered (sorry, another lost pic), the table installed but I will be making a new one, I dont like this one as much as I thought I would.

#4. The Bed frame is put in


#5. The kitchen has been put in, it will have a skirt under the sink, hiding the 5 gallon “clean” and “grey” water bottles. I refinished the sink. I painted the countertop a faux marble/granite.


So yeah, more pics coming soon… I’ll take some tomorrow in the light. Its so so much further than this.

In fact, all thats left is curtains, buying a mattress for the bed, framing out the window, building the extra shelf above the bed, making a door for the closet, putting in new flooring, and cutting a new table- which may sound like alot but its not!


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