The weather hasnt been the best for awhile, so we took a little break from the trailer- but this past weekend alot of important work was slammed out, making it possible for me to start working on the interior decor.

We built the bed frame, a piano hinge is on the back, allowing us access to precious storage space below. We are going to insulate under there as well, as soon as all the junk is cleaned off the top (one thing at a time…) and it fits a queen bed. We may build storage shelves above the bed, instead of a bunk, as well.

The kitchen area is untouched, I havent decided yet how I would like it to look- but I am close to a decision. I think.

The bench we had to knock out has been rebuilt, and I finally settled on a color scheme… inspired by the ’60s we’re going for a bright poppy orange and (aqua) blue color scheme. The bed base, cabinets, and benches are all orange- it pops so nicely against the maps! The fabric will be blue and maybe some blue an orange print if I can find one I like. I found some 1960’s green drinking glasses I’m excited to bring in, and I’ll just have pops of color everywhere!

The table hasnt been re-cut yet, I’m still pondering what kind of system I’d like to use on it… folding legs? A post? We’ll see….

The cushions for the bench/table are being re-covered today or tomorrow, it really depends on my kids – sewing with them over my shoulder is basically impossible.

We havent decided what to build next to the bed on the other side yet, but I am leaning towards a shallow closet with a door that we can store shoes, toiletries, and that type of stuff in. I have to draw a few examples so we can stare at them, bicker over them a bit, and decide which one we want to go with (aka which one hubby prefers to build)… thats pretty much how we do things around here.

One last thing: That “buddy” spaceheater? AWESOME! Its indoor safe and has safety shut offs, but they suggest leaving a window cracked just in case. Even with a window cracked the space heater warmed my whole trailer in about 20 minutes, and then set to low, kept it warm in our 25* weather! I bumped into it and it shut off, as designed, but I’m also able to move it without it going out every time- so it has just the right amount of control in that regard. I’m really pleased with it, and it will allow us to camp earlier and later in the season. I’m not sure its enough to want to camp in cold weather like this, after all this trailer doesnt have a bathroom so thats one icy trip outside to potty… but its a great comfort knowing its there!


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