So close

OK a post is STILL coming about electrical, but its hard to get the hubby to sit down and write something this time of year, hes got work, college, fall yardwork, the trailer, a wife, two kids, two dogs, two cats…

in the meantime, some updated photos. The ceiling is done, the walls are patched and wallpapered, and I’ve just finished painting it a creamy white, not bright white but still bright enough to smooth over imperfections. A paint tip I learned long ago: imperfect walls you should always use a satin or eggshell, as semigloss or anything shiny will actually make the imperfections stand out more. So I used an eggshell finish and in just under an hour I had a nice coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. We will re-install the light fixtures later, and I’ll be working on sewing for a few days I’m sure. I need to sew covers for the cushions for the benches, a cover for the cushion that will go on the bunk (when its re-built) and sew new curtains for the windows, as well as a skirt for the sink.

To be built:
We need to rebuild the left bench, we saved the old front piece as a template
We need to build the kitchen sink area and choose a countertop
We need to build the bed platform, the entire top will lift up and have storage underneath
We need to build some kind of storage solution for the right wall, where the closet used to be
We need to install new flooring (most likely peel and stick tiles)
We need to trim out all the screw holes in the ceiling, we’ll just do lines of thin strips of trim
We need to trim out where the ceiling meets the walls
We need to install the sink and hand pump system

I’m sure there is a bit more but really, the list is getting smaller and smaller!!

Some photos!


One thought on “So close

  1. it looks quite yellow in that last photo but its really more of a cream 🙂

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