Sorry, lolcatspazzed out there for a minute.

This weekend was wrapping up the wiring, replacing the insulation with fresh and new, and replacing the ceiling panels. We chose masonite as our ceiling material because its cheap (8×4 for 8.00 a panel) and it bends really well. It can be tricky to cut, and screws and nails tend to want to just pop right through it, but once you get the hang of it, it goes smoothly.

My advice for working with masonite: measure 4 times, no, 5 times… cut with a very nice sharp saw, and remember to measure your curve. What do I mean by that? Well if you measure direct, without curving your measuring tape with the board, your piece will be too short. Also, make sure you are cutting your pieces so the edge falls on a support beam, otherwise what will you nail or screw into? PS, we used screws. Our arms were SO sore holding the panels up, but the results were perfect.

I’ll be cleaning it up, sanding it, and painting. I thought about wallpapering the roof with “pressed tin looking” wallpaper but I just dont want to blow the budget with all these cute details at this stage. I certainly can go back and add these things later if I feel like I need to. We’ll also be trimming out where the roof meets the ceiling, but thanks to our super precise cuts the gap is quite small if any!

Strips of thin trim will cover the screw lines, and the whole ceiling will go a bright color. I’m thinking a pretty blue, similar to the color of the ocean in most maps, which I’ll be decoupaging the back wall in- so it will tie in.

So on the list for me this week (two more days till husbands weekend again):

  • Fill all holes, find and rip out an nails we might have missed, sand and prime the walls.
  • Hand beadboard wallpaper on walls
  • Fill all holes in ceiling, sand and prime.
  • Go in search of old maps/road maps/atlas for decoupage
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2 thoughts on “WE HAZ CEILING!!

  1. LindaSue says:

    Wow, it is really starting to take shape! Congratulations!

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