Wiring, wiring, wiring

For two days this weekend, as it was pouring down rain- the hubs was outside working on the wiring. The old lights didnt work so the previous owners had used temporary magnetic towing lights. We bought new lights and husband has sucessfully rewired the trailer lights, so we are safe and legal to cruise down the highway. That was actually the hard part, he says.

Next hes working on the interior lights. I picked the very simple standard two sided¬†interior light, and hes going to put one by the “kitchen/dining” area, and one over by the bed. I also only require two outlets, one by the bed, and one by the kitchen dining area. We’re calling about a battery right now. A Marine battery, apparently? I dont know, I’ll let the hubs tell you about it later.

I’ve been out of the trailer for a bit, due to some really exciting work stuff. I’ve made a few major decisions about the inside, however.

#1. Our kitchen cabinets are no more, $170 just seemed like too much an expense and pain in the butt considering we have to cut into them anyways, to cover the wheel, so we are going to instead build a simple frame out of ply, and have a curtained sink area. That will allow tons of storage space below for our two 5 gallon jugs (grey and clean water).

I also purchased the rail system from IKEA I had talked about, so all the storage in the kitchen will be wall storage. I bought a wine rack to use with rolled up towels, towels, a curtain rod that hangs from the ceiling so we can curtain off the “bed” area if we choose, and in IKEA’s as is section I found some really great super cheap curtains that I’ll actually likely be using as pillows and the sink skirt.


Meanwhile one of my ever so helpful kids spilled soda on my laptop and its done… its dead. Also, I’ve had a big order for my store, and I’ve been working non stop- so the trailer is sitting pretty in the meantime. Brian promised he’d do a little post, but we’ll see….


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