Just some adorable inspiration trailers

I believe this one may be an Aloha, but a smaller version than ours. The colors are so close to the original yellow! We are doing the tape trick the same as they did here, as well.

Pinned Image

Cute cute paint job!

Pinned Image

Same body style as ours, but its a Shasta not an Aloha.

Pinned Image

I cant get over how adorable that little flower box is… probably not practical for cruising down the highway though!

Pinned Image

A Bike rack is on the must have list!

Pinned Image

This will in fact be the scene at our girl campouts! Pretty dresses, pretty trailer, pretty scenery, pretty girls!

Pinned Image



2 thoughts on “Just some adorable inspiration trailers

  1. oh my goodness i cant wait for it to be done!

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