Wallpaper inspiration

We need to re-wallpaper the walls, as they are not smooth enough for my liking, for paint. I remembered a product that we used in my nephews bedroom years ago, and decided to try and hunt it down. It was a paintable beadboard look wallpaper. Turns out, there are a quite a few resources for it, Home depot has it (its martha stewart brand) and the reviews are great – but Lowes has it in stock, in their Allen+Roth brand, which I have had luck with in the past. Time is not on our side, with winter coming, so I will be picking it up at Lowes as soon as possible.

Its pre-pasted, thick (so it covers imperfections) and the reviews are fabulous. It doesnt give specifications on how much it covers, but 56sq feet is standard, so I’m going to assume its around that. Based on that, I will need 3 rolls for the side walls, and for the front and back walls I have something special in mind….

Maps! This is an example of a wall sized decal but I may work more along the lines of a decoupage road map look. You can find old road atlas and road maps from time to time, some wallpaper paste and bam you’re in business. I think it would be super cute on the dining area side of the camper, if not the bed side as well.

I know these are furniture examples but it will work great on the wall as well.

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2 thoughts on “Wallpaper inspiration

  1. alice says:

    where can I find this atlas wall paper?

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