Space Planning

Heres what we want our trailer to have:

  • A Queen bed (unheard of in a 13′ trailer, usually!) with storage underneath
  • A wide bunk above that bed, that would fit a child up to 70 pounds
  • A small sink (it will be a pump sink, as this trailer has no tanks)
  • A small food prep area, may use butcherblock countertops
  • Wall storage above food prep area
  • A table area that turns into a twin bed
  • Wall storage where the closet previously was. Storage for books, magazines.
  • 3 lights. I want one over the dining area, over the kitchen, and over by our bed for nighttime reading. Make that four, I’d also like an outside light.
  • A few plug ins, one by the kitchen area, one by the table. We will have a battery installed, it will have the ability to run off our truck, and the ability to be plugged in. Mostly the plugs will be for charging laptops, cell phones, and running DVD players or DSI’s for bored kids. Wouldnt hurt to be able to run a blender from time to time. You know, margaritas in the mountains….

What we dont need:

  • A closet. When we’re camping, I dont expect my clothes to be unwrinkled. There will be plenty of storage under and over the table, as well as under the bed, for clothing. I love the wide open space we have currently, adding a closet back in would close it in. We may add a lightweight bookcase, such as an IKEA Billy, that is less than 12′” depth. The old closet was 24″
  • A fridge, microwave, stove, or oven. If possible we may put the stove/oven back in, but only if it works- we still arent sure. Frankly when we’re camping I ENJOY doing my cooking outside. I plan meals that dont require the use of a stovetop, or if they do, I use my small propane stove. So I wont be heartbroken not to have a stove. In a camper this small, its just not our priority.
  • A bathroom. Simply too small of a trailer for a potty. We will be eventually buying a portapotty and a “shower tent” (about $200 for both) as well as a portable shower bag. This all will sit outside the trailer, but offer privacy for showering, and potty breaks if we’re camping somewhere that doesnt have facilities.

Knowing all this, we can start to plan out the space.

So, this totally makes sense to me but only because I did it. Let me explain it…. the boxes inside the space are the wheels. They are 13″ tall at the center, slope down, and are 12″ wide. They are 32″ long. The red square is the queen bed. It will extend to halfway over the wheels, and the whole underside will be storage, big enough for my craft show tent, our large coleman easy up tent, sleeping bags, chairs, fishing gear, basically everything, We can fit ALOT under there. ABOVE the bed will be a 3′ wide bunk, wide enough for me to feel safe with a child sleeping up there, and supported by more than a TEENY metal bracket.

Measuring from the bed over to where the benches for the table/bed combo on the other side is 49″. In that 49″ I need to fit a sink, and the rest will simply be countertop space. The cabinet will have to go over the wheel well, so we will just cut the cabinet so it fits over the top and conceals it nicely. I may put up a wall cabinet if I can find one that fits nicely, otherwise I’ll use other solutions for the wall storage.

On the reverse wall, over the other wheel well, I may put a narrow bookcase, but more likely I’ll work with unique wall storage options. I like the idea of putting a few “poufs” (such as Moroccan poufs or ottomans) in there as well, for extra seating. It looks so small on paper but truly the space feels SO LARGE right now, all empty. We debated the queen bed for some time but in the end I agreed it was the most comfortable option, and we will use it as a couch during the day if needed. I can make some big cozy body pillows to turn it into a day bed.


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