Putting her Makeup On, aka PAINT

Well. First off lets just get this out of the way: I rattlecanned the bitch. I spray painted her. Some of you might be shaking your heads, other gasped, and others said “well duh.” Let me explain what we will be using this trailer for: getting out of the rain, and cold. Thats it! We go some gnarly places for camping. Bumpy rocky muddy dirty roads, we drive out into the middle of the BLM. We tow and rocks are tossed. No paint job is going to stay lovely forever, and I wasnt in the mood to pay for it. I studied my options, and rattlecanning it sounded best to me. I’ve got some pretty great control with a can, and I did a pretty damn good job if I say so myself! This might not be the option for everyone, but for me it was an inexpensive, easy, and practical paint solution. Once I get the blue on, I’ll clean up all the lines, and the edges of my “bolt” will be silver.

Step one: sanding. I sanded her top to bottom, first with a wire brush on all the spots that had loose paint chipping off. Second with my mouse sander and a medium grit sandpaper. Third with a very fine grit sandpaper, both with the mouse sander and by hand, to smooth the surface.

Step two: Gave her a bath. I used a wash that is a degreaser. I scrubbed with a bristled brush, rinsed, scrubbed again with a cloth, and rinsed again.  When she was fully dry I moved onto step three

Step three: Primer. An outdoor primer, suitable for use on metal. Ask at your local paint shop what they recommend. This particular primer I simply rolled on!

Step four: Taped off my stripes using frog tape. Its more expensive but it did a damn good job! I also taped all my windows to avoid the paint spraying on anything I didnt want it on, even with good control spray paint will always throw some paint particles.

My yellow stripes are done. They are very bright, happy, and lovely! I am quite proud of it. Above the yellow will be aqua, below is a crisp white. I will finish it all off with aluminum tape, after its finished.

Isnt this cool, the previous owner ordered a replacement sticker from Aloha! WOOOOHOOO! Cant wait to put it back in its place of honor.

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