More kitchen inspiration

I’ll do a post in the future showing our pump sink system, its very simple but I know instructions and pictures help sometimes. Its a two tank, 5 gallon bottle system. One bottle holding clean water, the other for grey water.

The sink water is pumped by hand out of the clean water tank, and the drain goes into the grey water tank. The two tanks will take up almost all of the under sink space, but a functional sink is something I really want.

I have 49″ of space to work with for the “kitchen” area, from the bed over to the dining/folding table bed area. First I’ll put in a 36″ sink base cabinet, it needs to be wood because we must cut a large notch out of the back for the wheel well. I’ve tried cutting particle board before and what a nightmare… especially with a jigsaw, so wood it will be. This cabinet will hold all of the “plumbing” and our sink.

Next to that I will add a 12″ base cabinet thats perfect for holding cutting boards, small pans/pots, knifes, and random items that wont fit on my wall storage system. Together thats 48″ of cabinets, PERFECT for my space, and more than enough storage for our needs. It wont be light, so I am going to keep that in mind and have scrapped plans for upper cabinets, but I think wood is the right choice. They are unfinished so I can paint or stain them any way that I like. I’m actually considering red or aqua, depending on the rest of the decor I decide on. We’ll see!

There are two sinks at IKEA I have my eye on… the first round, the second rectangular.. both pretty affordable and the right size for the space.

I’m sure I’ll go with the square, but I wanted to share the round because how damn cute is that? Who knows, maybe that extra $20.00 is worth it, its pretty unique. There already was a pump sink faucet in the trailer, from the previous owners, so we’re set on that! That does save us $24.00, so maybe the round sink WILL end up being the winner. Time will tell. For countertops I’m leaning towords IKEA precut butcherblock, its affordable and easy to cut to length, and the excess makes lovely cutting board. I dont really want to mess with tile or anything complicated, so thats likely the direction I’ll go.

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